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  • Researchers find biological treatment for cow disease
    Chitosan microparticles kill bacteria in cow uteri, report researchers, who also suggest that it may someday be possible for chitosan microparticles to be used to help humans who have become ill from consuming E. coli-contaminated food, but more research is needed.
  • Genome of fiercely protective Fonni's dog reflects human history of Sardinia
    A genomic analysis of 28 dog breeds has traced the genetic history of the remarkable Fonni's Dog, a herd guardian endemic to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. The results reveal that the regional variety has developed into a true breed through unregulated selection for its distinctive behavior, and that its ancestors came from the very […]
  • Rapid spread of dog disease can be stopped with diligent infection control
    Protocol for keeping dogs from transmitting disease has, until now, lagged decades behind efforts to contain human infectious disease. New guidance for halting the spread of a multitude of dog diseases is now available, thanks to an effort led by veterinary experts.
  • Dog stool microbiome predicts canine inflammatory bowel disease
    A pattern of microbes that is indicative of inflammatory bowel disease has been identified in dogs. With more than 90 percent accuracy, the team used that information to predict which dogs had IBD. However, they also determined that the gut microbiomes of dogs and humans are not similar enough to use dogs as animal models […]